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Hiring Policy
Page last updated at 11:02 on Tuesday, 29 May 2018
This page contains the following information on our Hiring Policy:

Who can hire the Hall
What kind of functions
Capacity of the Hall
Days the Hall can be hired
Times the Hall can be hired
Access to the Hall before a Booking


Who can hire the Hall

The Hall can be hired by individuals and organisations for regular or casual bookings.

What kind of functions

Regular booking means a recurring booking by an individual or a club or society, usually at least once per month, on any day except Saturday.

Casual booking means a one-off booking on a Saturday for occasions such as birthday parties*, religious celebrations such as Christening, 1st Holy Communion, Confirmation and the like, business meetings, AGMs, and fund-raising events.

* To hire the hall for a Birthday Party for someone in their teens or 20s the hirer must be either:

  • A resident of Tyttenhanger Green**; or
  • Known personally to the a member of the Hall's Management Committee.  

If you can't fulfil either of these eligibility criteria then please don't ask.

** To be considered a resident of Tyttenhanger Green you must live at one of the following addresses:

  • 1-52 Tyttenhanger Green,
  • 20-86 Highfield Lane,
  • Flats 1-21 Highfield Hall,
  • Highfield Manor,
  • Highfield Farm, or
  • Hill End Farm.

Capacity of the Hall

The terms of the Entertainment Licence issued to the Hall each year by the St Albans City and District Council provide for a
maximum of one hundred and twenty (120) people. NB: under the terms of the Entertainments Licence the term "people" includes the Hirer, the Hirer's helpers and guest and any entertainers, whatever their age.

Days the Hall can be hired

Casual bookings may be made
only for Saturdays.  However, some Saturdays are not available for casual bookings (see Dates the Hall cannot be hired below).

NB: this policy may be waived for meetings of local groups such as residents associations.

Regular booking may be made for any day except Saturday.

NB: regular bookings may have to be cancelled, for example when the Hall is used as a Poling station or Colney Heath Parish Council holds one of its monthly Parish Meetings at the Hall rather than at Colney Heath Village Hall which is the usual venue for such meetings.


Dates the Hall cannot be hired

Hall is not available for any bookings on the following days and dates:

  • 01 January, New Year's Day
  • The day before Easter Day (commonly known as Easter Saturday)
  • The Saturday closest to 21 June, Mid-Summer's Day
  • Saturday closest to 05 November
  • Saturday preceding Christmas Eve
  • Sunday preceding Christmas Eve
  • 24 December, Christmas Eve
  • 25 December, Christmas Day
  • 26 December, Boxing Day
  • 27 December
  • 28 December
  • 29 December
  • 30 December
  • 31 December, New Year's Eve

NB: This policy may be waived for meetings of local groups such as residents associations.

Times the Hall can be hired

The Hall is
booked by the hour and all bookings must include an allowance for the time needed to set up before and clear up after a function, in other words the booking period must include all the time the hirer intends to occupy the Hall.

Casual bookings are subject to a minimum booking period of three (3)hours.

Regular bookings are subject to a minimum booking period of one (1) hour.

NB: All functions must cease by 23:59 on the date of the booking - NO EXCEPTIONS.

Access to the Hall before a Booking

Access to the Hall before a booking
on the same day is regarded as part of booking and subject
therefore to an extension of the hiring fee at the rate appropriate to the function. 

NB: hirers are informed when the have a confirmed booking that they may collect the keys to the Hall from the Booking Officer immediately before their booking. Once your booking has been confirmed please don't ask "When can I collect the keys?" in the expectation of being able to get into the Hall before your booked time as the inevitable refusal will almost certainly cause offence.

Access to the Hall on the day before a booking (for example, on a Friday evening to set up for a function on Saturday) may be granted providing no booking exists between the time access is requested and the time of the function.  Any such access is subject to the payment of an Access Fee. The amount of the Access Fee is at the discretion of the Booking Officer.

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