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Hiring Fees, Deposits, and Discounts
Page last updated at 12:47 on Thursday, 05 May 2022
This page contains the following information on Hiring Fees, Deposits, and Discounts:

Requirement to pay a Hiring Fee
Type of Booking
Duration Of Bookings
Hiring Fee
Crockery & Cutlery

Requirement to pay a Hiring Fee

Article 2.3 of our Standard Terms and Conditions of Hire
requires that for each booking of the Hall the hirer shall pay a Hiring Fee. 

Type of Booking

There are two types of bookings at the Hall:
  • a Regular Booking which may be made for any time between 09:00 and 23:59 from Sunday to Friday inclusive and usually requires a minimum of six bookings in any 12 month period; and
  • a Casual Booking which may be made for any time between 09:00 and 23:59 only on Saturdays for a one-off event which includes:
    • Birthday Parties (but NOT 13th to 29th inclusive Birthday Celebrations except for residents of Tyttenhanger Green);
    • Wedding Receptions;
    • Anniversary Celebrations; and
    • Religious Celebrations such as Christening, 1st Holy Communion, Confirmation, and the like.

Duration of Bookings

The Hall is
booked by the hour and all bookings must include an allowance for the time needed to set up before and clear up after a function. In other words the booking period must include all the time the hirer intends to occupy the Hall. Bookings at the Hall are subject to minimum periods as follows;
  • Casual Bookings are subject to a minimum booking period of three (3) hours.
  • Regular Bookings are subject to a minimum booking period of one (1) hour.

Hiring Fee

With effect from 01 January 2022 the Hiring Fee will be calculated based on an all-inclusive hourly rate which depends on the nature and timing of the booking as follows:
Regular Booking
anytime Sunday to Friday inclusive
Casual Booking
on Saturdays during the daytime between 09:00 and 18:00
Casual Booking
on Saturdays during the evening between 18:00 and 23:59

The Hiring Fee for a Casual Booking which straddles the daytime and evening is calculated by adding the number of daytime hours multiplied by the daytime rate to the number of evening hours multiplied by the evening rate, thus a Casual Booking of six (6) hours from 15:00 to 21:00 would attract a Hiring Fee of (3 * 25 = 75) + (3 * 40 = 120) =

Crockery & Cutlery

The Hall has its own crockery & cutlery which is available to hire.  At the last count the crockery & cutlery comprised:
  • 77 large plates
  • 79 medium plates
  • 64 small plates
  • 82 bowls
  • 69 cups
  • 74 saucers
  • 119 knives
  • 112 forks
  • 161 spoons
  • 132 teaspoons

The Hiring Fee for the cutlery & crockery is 25.


The Management Committee has buildings and contents insurance, similar to your domestic insurance arrangements.  However, in the event of a claim there will be an excess to pay and therefore, when making a Casual Booking of the Hall the Hirer may be required to lodge a Deposit against damage and/or mess to the Hall, its contents or its surrounds. The amount of the deposit is at the discretion of the Booking Officer but is usually:
  • 250 for adult functions

  • 100 for children's functions

Please note the Deposit is not part of the Hiring Fee.  Under our current policy any Deposit will not be banked before the date of the booking and, subject to our Standard Terms & Conditions of Hire, it is returnable to the Hirer after completion of the booking.


Discounts for Casual Bookings will be offered at the discretion of the Booking Officer to the following types of Hirer:

The amount of discount is at the discretion of the Booking Officer but is typically the rate charged to regular hirers as shown in Hiring Fee above.

* To be considered as a Resident of Tyttenhanger Green you must live at one of the following addresses:

  • 1-52 Tyttenhanger Green,
  • 20-86 Highfield Lane,
  • Flats 1-21 Highfield Hall,
  • Highfield Manor,
  • Highfield Farm, and
  • Hill End Farm.

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