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Page last updated at 08:41 on Friday, 15 January 2021

This page contains information on the following facilities at the Hall:

Main Hall
Committee/Bar Room
Facilities specifically for disabled guests

What's Not Included in the Facilities


Main Hall

  • Main - single step up from the car park to two (2) sets of double doors at the front of the Hall
  • Side - level access through a single door to the side of the Hall nearest to the play area
  • Rear - single step up to double conservatory doors at the rear of the Hall

Dimensions (in a mix of imperial and metric):

  • Floor area: rectangular in shape and approximately 11 yards * 16 yards (10 metres * 15 metres)
  • Ceiling height: 12 feet (3.6 metres) from the floor to the ceiling
  • Two (2) ceiling fans which hang down 1’4” (400mm) from the ceiling


  • One hundred and two (102) adult sized chairs with brown, easy-wipe plastic seats
    NB: There are an additional twelve (12) blue fabric-covered cushioned chairs in the conservatory
    For the avoidance of doubt there are no infant school-sized chairs at the Hall

Tables (all measurements in millimetres (mm)):

  • Rigid Tables (i.e. with solid, non-folding legs):
    • Twenty (20) rigid rectangular stackable tables @ 1,200*600*700 (l * w * h)
      NB: two (2) rigid rectangular tables can be put together to form a 1,200 by 1,200 square table around which eight (8) chairs can be evenly arranged with two (2) per side)
  • Folding tables (i.e. with folding legs):
    • Two (2) long @ 1,830*760*700
    • Two (2) medium 1,520*760*700
    • Three (3) small @ 920*760*700
      For the avoidance of doubt there are no infant school-sized tables at the Hall


  • Two (2) fire extinguishers
  • Six (6) dimmable up-lighters on the walls (dimmable in pairs)
  • Nine (9) dimmable lights in the ceiling (dimmable in pairs)
  • Range-style gas cooker (five (5) hobs & one (1) wide oven)
  • Domestic-scale microwave cooker
  • Two (2) electric kettles
  • One (1) domestic-scale larder fridge (NB: there is NO freezer box)
  • One (1) commercial glass washer (NB: this is NOT a dishwasher - maximum wash cycle is three (3) minutes)
  • One (1) double sink & drainer
  • Unlimited hot water from a gas-fired combination boiler
  • One (1) hatch which opens from the kitchen to the main Hall
  • One (1) fire extinguisher
  • One (1) fire blanket
Committee/Bar Room
  • Bar area with an eight (8) foot wide hatch which serves the Main Hall
  • Storage areas for glasses & barrels
  • Two (2) pub-style bottle cooling cabinets
  • Twelve (12) blue fabric-covered cushioned chairs
  • Three (3) tables (1 square, 2 round)
  • Three (3) up-lighters on the walls
  • Two (2) combinations ceiling light/fans
  • Separate male and female toilets located just inside the main door: male toilet has two (2) urinals and one (1) cubicle; female toilet has two (2) cubicles
  • Unisex toilet for disabled guests which is equipped with baby changing bench located in the Main Hall
  • Password-protected WiFi is available throughout the Hall
  • The WiFi password is displayed on the wall in the main Hall
  • The WiFi password may be changed from time to time with the aim of preventing potential abuse of this facility
Facilities specifically for disabled guests
  • Separate toilet for disabled guests located in the main Hall
  • Induction loop
  • Level-access though a single door to the play-area side of the Hall
  • Off-street parking for cars in twenty-six (26) marked bays
What's NOT included in the Facilities
  • Children’s play area and grass to the side of the Hall and the field to the rear of the Hall are public spaces owned by Colney Heath Parish Council are not included in the facilities hired when making a booking at the Hall. However, hirers of the Hall and their guests are welcome to use these public spaces during a booking at the Hall but they do not have exclusive rights to them.

  • Brick-built barbeque to the rear of the Hall is not included in the facilities hired when making a booking at the Hall.

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